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Welcome to Best Friends, a cow-themed PFP project living and thriving on the Solana blockchain. With 3333 cows ready for anything, our project was founded with the goal of rekindling lost personal relationships, strengthening the community bond, and finding success alongside our best friends who are makers, creators, artists, and investors. In May 2022, we minted and sold out a collection of NFTs and mailed out prints to holders all around the world. In this black and white paper, we will provide an overview of the project and its future plans, as well as discussing our marketing strategy and partnerships.

The NFT Market:

The NFT market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with the total value of NFTs sold surpassing $2.6 billion in 2021. While the market has experienced some ups and downs, it remains a promising space for creators and investors alike. At Best Friends, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the NFT market and finding new and innovative ways to engage with our community.

The Best Friends NFT Project:

The BEST FRIENDS project was born with the goal of creating a fun and engaging platform for users to connect with each other and participate in a variety of activities. Through the use of NFTs and other blockchain technologies, the project has been able to create a number of unique and immersive experiences for users. One such example is our use of Virtual Reality Technology to Build Community Gathering Spaces. We use these for meetings, events, giveaways, and events such as scavenger hunts and holiday parties!

Another experience we are bringing to the community is BEST FRIENDS JUMPOFF mobile game, which features 11 cute characters and three worlds of gameplay. In addition to the main game, weekly raffles for players to win prizes and other rewards will be available in Game!


The Solana Coin Pusher utility is again, another exciting development for the BEST FRIENDS project. Set to launch in Quarter 1 2023, this utility will provide users with in-game perks and other benefits. The utility will also feature its own NFT drop, offering users the opportunity to collect unique and rare NFTs. 

Passive Income:

In addition to providing a fun and unique way to represent yourself online, owning a Best Friends NFT also entitles you to a real community and a share of passive income. Payments of 0.2 SOL per month distributed to each holder's wallet around the 20th of each month. This is our way of investing back into those who invest in us! The payouts for our passive income program come from a variety of sources, including mint funds, royalties, NFT sales, product and merchandise sales, and private investments. The JUMPOFF and Solana Coin Pusher, will further drive revenue for the project and benefit our holders. In Q1 We are rolling out "Careers" an explanation and fun activity to explain how your BF earns their Income!

What sets Best Friends apart from other NFT projects?

We are confident that 2023 will be a breakout year for our project.
Our creators are easy to reach on a daily basis, and we show up in Discord every single day in attempts to build and foster personal relationships with every single BF Holder. We have an incredible long runway, with no plans to run out of tarmac anytime soon, the front wheels are off the ground, and we hope you dont miss your flight!



As mentioned, in the first quarter of 2023, Best Friends will be releasing two new utilities: The JUMPOFF and Solana Coin Pusher. The JUMPOFF is a platform jumper mobile game with 11 characters, 3 worlds, collectibles, and enemies. It will feature weekly raffles of NFTs, IRL products, and SOL, and will be available on iOS and Android.
Solana Coin Pusher is an arcade-based web3 utility game where users can play their tokens for a chance to win more. It will also have its own NFT drop in Q1. This Pusher NFT is an Isometric Arcade Room, and you will be able to visit the game room in VR. This unique and immersive experience is sure to be a hit with users of all ages.


Marketing Strategy:

In order to build a strong and engaged community, BEST FRIENDS has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a number of different tactics and approaches.

One of the key components of this strategy is partnerships with other organizations and individuals. By working with like-minded individuals and groups, BEST FRIENDS is able to reach a wider audience and foster meaningful connections with its users.

Another important aspect of the marketing strategy is in-person demonstrations and trade show appearances. By demonstrating the project's products and technologies in person, BEST FRIENDS is able to give users a firsthand look at what the project has to offer and generate buzz and interest in the community.

In addition to these efforts, the project also offers high-quality apparel with NFT receipts for proof of purchase. This serves as a way to promote the brand and provide tangible value to supporters, while also helping to drive engagement and loyalty among users.

These efforts are all designed to help BEST FRIENDS become one of the top tier blue chip projects on Solana and to celebrate its one-year anniversary in May 2023 in a meaningful and memorable way.


At Best Friends, we are always looking for new partnership opportunities, whether with up-and-coming projects, established projects, or web2 and web3 businesses. We believe that partnerships are an important way to connect with other projects and with people in general. In addition to hosting self-help talks and Twitter spaces with mentors and other experts, we are exploring many other ways to connect with our community and build mutually beneficial relationships.


Here is a brief outline of our roadmap for the coming year:

  • Q1 2023: Release of The JUMPOFF and Solana Coin Pusher

  • Q1 2023: Drop of SCP Isometric NFT Room

  • Q2 2023: Continued development and expansion of The JUMPOFF and Solana Coin Pusher

  • Q3 2023: Launch of new NFT Sister collection and additional utilities

  • Q4 2023: Continued growth and development of Best Friends As a Parent Company 


The Best Friends team is made up of IRL best friends who are spread out across the East Coast of the United States, with support staff in several different countries. Our head creators, Justin and Christin, have been married for 14 years and are based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Both have college degrees in relevant fields, Graphic Design and Advertising and Culinary Arts, respectively and have extensive experience as makers and businesspeople. We are in our mid-30s and have always worked harder for ourselves and for our businesses than any employer we ever had. Our team is dedicated to building a strong and sustainable project that brings value to our community of holders.


In conclusion, Best Friends is a unique and innovative NFT project that is thriving on the Solana blockchain. With 3333 cow-themed profile pictures, a commitment to community building, and a focus on passive income for holders, Best Friends is well-positioned to succeed in the crowded NFT market. In the coming months, the project will be releasing two new utilities, The JUMPOFF and Solana Coin Pusher, which will further drive revenue and benefit the project and its holders. The Best Friends team is made up of experienced creators and businesspeople who are dedicated to building a strong and sustainable project that brings value to our community. Overall, Best Friends is a project that is well worth considering for anyone interested in NFTs, community building, and passive income.


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