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1. Testing Device: This field allows the tester to attach a device profile.

2 Summary: This will act as a title and allow us and other testers to understand the issue at a glance.

3 Feature: These categories will be defined by you, the user. Let us know what part of the game gave you issues.

4 Steps to reproduce: This field allows the tester to explain exactly what they did leading up to the issue and what happened when it occurred. This will make it easier for our team and other testers to reproduce the problem. Then include text to “Tell us what happened" when you ran into this.

.6 Blocking issue: We are asking the tester “Is this issue stopping you from further testing?” This means that the issue you have encountered has compromised basic functionality or has completely stopped you from using the product and providing feedback. This will flag the issue so the beta team can provide immediate support to the tester. 

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